Excitement in Learning

St Peter's ELC provides a solid foundation and enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Our unique learning environment provides each child with:
• a happy, secure transition from home to an engaging learning environment.
• the opportunity to engage and utilise different styles of learning through developmental play experiences and discovery. We build on the child's strengths and interests whilst challenging and stimulating their development. We focus on the whole child, nurturing their emotional, social, physical, linguistic, intellectual and spiritual growth.
• weekly programs conducted by specialist teachers including library, creative arts, gross motor/physical development, music, movement and dance.
• opportunity to be a part of the wider school community of Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak and St Kevin's College, with buddy visits and curricular support from school specialists.

Children become increasingly secure and 'reach out' in their learning through these experiences. St Peter's ELC immerses the child in the philosophy that learning is a lifelong journey, with links to further education at both Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak and St Kevin's College.