Our Programs and Staff

3 Year Old/Kindergarten Program

The 3 Year Old/Kindergarten Program provides a happy, secure transition from home to a more formal learning environment.

The room is full of natural light and spacious learning areas as well as engaging opportunities and experiences.

Please read the attached Kindergarten Program PDF to find out what is currently taking place in the Kindergarten Room.

Natalie Hayne (Miss Natalie) is the Teacher, Candice Fitzpatrick (Miss Candice) is the Associate Teacher Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and Anne Marie Kemp (Miss Anne Marie) is the Associate Teacher  Mondays and Fridays in the Kindergarten/3 Year Old program.

Children in our Kindergarten Program can attend on a part-time basis (3 or 4 days per week) or attend full-time (5 days per week). Preference is given to children who turn 3 years of age before the 31st January in the year of attendance and children must turn 3 by 30th April. They cannot begin until the day of their third birthday.

2017 November - December Kindergarten 3 Year Old Program 2017 November - December Kindergarten 3 Year Old Program (1336 KB)

4 Year Old/Pre-Prep Program

The children move through from the 3 Year Old/Kindergarten Program to the 4 Year Old/Pre-Prep Program each year. The foundations established during their time in the Kindergarten Program are given the opportunity to be further explored, extended and consolidated.

Hannah Mountford (Miss Hannah) is the Teacher and Allison Leeds (Miss Allison) is the Associate Teacher in the Pre-Prep/4 Year Old program.

Children in the Pre Prep room attend on a full-time basis (5 days per week). Children must turn 4 years of age by 30th April in the year of their attendance.

2017 November - December Pre-Prep 4 Year Old Program 2017 November - December Pre-Prep 4 Year Old Program (1087 KB)

Specialist Program

Anna Munari (Miss Anna) with Kathleen Brohier (Miss Kathleen) or the Associate Teachers as mentioned above offer a one hour specialist program to each of the Kindergarten and Pre-Prep Rooms on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This program changes days each term to ensure that if children do not attend on a particular day, they have the opportunity to participate over the course of the year. The program includes Library, Music, Movement and Dance, Creative Arts and “Busy Bodies”/Gross Motor/Physical Development.

Additional Assistant

Anne Marie Kemp (Miss Anne Marie) is our Additional Assistant who supports all staff in providing the highest standard of education, care and equity for all children at St Peter’s Early Learning Centre 3 mornings a week.

children learning in kindergarten