Admissions Process

St Peter’s ELC is a Catholic educational setting for girls and boys from three years of age. It is conducted in partnership by Loreto Toorak, a Catholic school for girls, St Kevin’s College Toorak, a Catholic school for boys and the Parish of St Peter’s.

Within the traditions of both schools, St Peter’s ELC offers an adventurous, challenging education for young learners prior to their entry into formal education. St Peter’s ELC strives to provide high quality educational experiences, which will challenge each child to achieve and to grow in confidence in his or her ability.

Should parents wish to continue their child’s education within the traditions of our two schools, a separate enrolment application is required. We recommend that this process be undertaken at the time of application to St Peter’s ELC. Enrolment at St Peter’s ELC does not constitute automatic enrolment at either Loreto Toorak or St Kevin’s College. Separate enrolment procedures are required for entry to Loreto Toorak and St Kevin’s College.

In the 3 Year Old/Kindergarten program preference is given to children who have turned three prior to the end January in year of entry and all children must turn three by the end of April in the year of entry. Children cannot begin at St Peter’s ELC until the day of their third birthday.

In the 4 Year Old/Pre-Preparatory program preference is given to children who have attended the 3 Year Old/Kindergarten program at St Peter’s ELC, then children who have turned four prior to the end January in year of entry.

All children will participate in a full-time weekly program, but parents may choose to send their child three or four days per week. Fees will be charged regardless of the number of days per week the child attends.

Both the 3 Year Old/Kindergarten program and the 4 Year Old/Pre-Preparatory program will have two early childhood educators working with the group at all times. Due to the National Early Childhood Regulations governing child staff ratios, the maximum number of children in the 3 Year Old/Kindergarten group will be 22 children and in the 4 Year Old/Pre-Preparatory group will be 22 children. We are committed to having an approximate equal number of boys and girls in each group.

Application and Admission Procedures

Applications for entry to St Peter’s ELC must be made on the official St Peter’s ELC Application Form.

Applications for entry to all years of schooling, Preparatory - Year 12 at Loreto Toorak or St Kevin’s College must be made separately and on the official Application Form for the respective school, available from that school.

While an application is a pre-requisite for admission, it is not a guarantee of admission, and St Peter’s ELC reserves the right to offer a place to any student, irrespective of the date of application.

An application fee of $200, a Birth Certificate and a Baptismal Certificate are required to accompany the application form. The application fee for St Peter’s ELC is separate from the application fee for entry to either school. The application fee is non-refundable.

The person(s) signing the application form completes an agreement to abide by the rules, procedures and business practices of St Peter’s ELC as set out in this document, and in other official St Peter’s ELC documents, as reviewed from time to time. Any change of address should be notified immediately. Failure to do so may result in losing a place on our Waiting List.

Admission Procedures

Enrolment procedures are undertaken by the Head of St Peter’s ELC in consultation with the Director of Rathfarnham at Loreto Toorak, the Director of Glendalough at St Kevin's College, and the Priest at St Peter’s Parish. A formal offer of a place at St Peter’s ELC is sent 18 months prior to entry.

Upon receipt of a formal offer of a place for their child, parents are required to sign and return the ‘Confirmation of Enrolment Form’ with the confirmation of enrolment fee. This confirmation of enrolment fee is currently $1,000.00 and must be paid in full before the student can be accepted into St Peter’s ELC. The fee is non-refundable if the child subsequently does not commence at St Peter’s ELC due to deferral or cancellation by the family. If the child does commence, $500.00 will be deducted from the first instalment of the tuition fee in the year of enrolment.

Generally, students are accepted in accordance with the enrolment criteria and according to St Peter’s ELC’s policy on gender balance within each group. A waiting list exists for families once all positions have been offered. If vacancies occur during the year, an offer may be given to a child whose name is on the waiting list for that year. It is expected that the children entering St Peter’s ELC 3 year old/kindergarten program will continue into the 4 year old/pre-prep program the following year.

From the 1 January 2016 the Victorian State Government requires children attending Early Childhood Services to have up-to-date immunisation. Should parent/s accept an offer for their child to commence at St Peter’s ELC, commencement is subject to an up-to-date Immunisation Status Certificate being provided. The certificate must be sourced and dated to be within 2 months of the child commencing at St Peter’s ELC. For more information please click here.

Orientation visits are conducted in November of the year preceding entry for all new children. The 3 year old/Kindergarten children commence attendance via a graduated timetable for the first week to support orientation and settling in. Individual transition is implemented if required as discussed between educators and the child’s family. The current 3 year old/Kindergarten children have orientation visits to the Pre-Prep program during November prior to commencing the following year.

Parents are required to give one full term’s notice in writing if they choose not to continue with their child’s place at St Peter’s ELC. Failure to do so will result in a full term’s fees being charged.