St Peter’s ELC opened in 2002, and is a partnership in education between the Parish of St Peter’s, Loreto Toorak and St Kevin’s College. St Peter’s ELC is overseen by a Board of Management, comprised of:

  • Principal, Loreto Toorak – Dr Susan Stevens
  • Headmaster, St Kevin’s College – Mr Stephen Russell
  • St Peter’s Parish Priest – Fr Brendan Hayes
  • Director of Glendalough and ELC, St Kevin's College – Mr James Daly
  • Director of Rathfarnham and ELC, Loreto Toorak – Mrs Catherine Maimone Crowhurst
  • Business Manager, Loreto Toorak – Mr Tim Rowler
  • Bursar, St Kevin’s College – Mr Ross Corstorphin
  • Head of St Peter’s ELC – Mrs Kathleen Brohier